Texas offers more than oil

No farther south than you can possibly go in the continental United States lies the great country, sorry, I mean state of Texas, widely known among our peers as a safe place for cowboys, conservatives, and the booming oil and gas industry. Believe it or not, many misconceptions about TX and Texans are held by the residents of our fellow states. Once while outside TX, I had the question seriously posed to me of whether I ride a horse to school. In actuality, we all know you need a car to get anywhere in this immense state, and even then you’re probably sitting in traffic. In hindsight, entertaining the idea of riding horses to school would have been a much better conversation than explaining the reality: hours of traffic to move across town.

TX is a big state full of just as large surprises, some of which it’s own residents may not be aware. One of these surprises I just discovered today was that the lone star state contributed the most total wind and solar electricity generation in 2016 according to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration). Already recognized colloquially and abroad as “the capital of the sunbelt”, due to the large amount of employment opportunities in the petroleum industry, with this new development the state may even be able to call itself, one day very soon, the energy capital of the U.S.

Written by: Chris Stomberg

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