Many energy enthusiasts may ask the question, what does it mean to support the continued production and use of oil and natural gas products in light of greener energy solutions? With the advent of what is colloquially referred to as “greener” energy and the resulting debate that centers around either green energy or oil and gas, supporting the business of oil and natural gas is more socially dangerous than ever. No where is this more evident than a college campus, of which I have had the glorious pleasure of being on for the past four years.

While in years prior one’s knowledge on the efficiency of oil and natural gas products gave merit to their belief that oil products are the most effective energy source, today such knowledge is swept under the rug as irrelevant in favor of opinions terrified by the prospect of global warming. In the modern era, a conversation about energy use and production goes hand in hand with debates about global warming and its costs, however, this does not change the facts of the situation. Seven billion and growing people on this planet require the use of energy everyday, and oil and gas is the only energy source efficient enough to meet all seven billion of our needs to date.

Although it is unfortunate, “greener” energy solutions have yet to offer an option anywhere near as effective as oil and natural gas products are capable. The moment this is no longer the case is the time to consider the benefits and deficits of revamping an entire planet’s energy ecosystem, but until then, more environmentally friendly options which are less capable of producing energy as efficiently as oil and gas should not be considered as a replacement.

Whether oil and gas ever really could be replaced is a different question. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Written by: Chris Stomberg

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